Competition and regulatory litigation

Many competition cases and digital regulation matters will ultimately end up in court. Whether you wish to complain about procedural steps, appeal against a decision or intervene in court proceedings in support of the authority, it is important to be ready for litigation and to work with experts.  

Competition law and digital market regulation can also be directly enforced in court without involvement of the authorities. If you are dealing with a competition issue that is negatively affecting your business, it is essential to define the right strategy between complaining to the competition authority or going straight to court. If you are accused of being involved in a competition infringement, it is very important to prepare for private damages actions that may follow a decision by the competition authority. 

Who we work with

We help companies active in a broad range of industries, including broadcasting, sports, automotive, chemicals, heavy industry and technology. We advise them on the risks and opportunities of litigation and represent them in court. We also work with one of the leading UK litigation funders, Harbour. 

Our experience

  • Our firm has been involved in several leading EU Court of Justice cases, such as Huawei v. ZTE and Slovak Telekom.  
  • We collaborate with existing legal teams when it comes to the highly specialised fields of EU Court of Justice litigation and competition litigation in the UK.   
  • Our firm is involved in several damages claims’ actions, including Claudio Pollack v. Google in the UK and the Google ad tech litigation in the Netherlands.  
  • We build on our rich experience and involvement in competition cases to identify litigation opportunities, offering a “cradle to grave” approach that ensures that not only are infringements brought to an end, but compensation is also obtained.  
  • As part of their work at the CMA, members of our team represented the United Kingdom in the landmark CK Telecoms case at the EU General Court.  
  • Our former CMA officials were also involved in several appeals in the UK courts, including the Concordia v CMA warrant challenge in the High Court and the Sainsbury’s/ASDA judicial review in the Competition Appeal Tribunal. 

How we can help

We can help you set the right strategy whether you are defending against litigation or contemplating it. We understand the burdens on your business and the risks and opportunities that litigation brings, as well as the strategic calls you will need to make throughout the process. We will work closely with you to help you achieve your objectives.

We also have significant experience finding solutions for companies for whom the costs of litigation are prohibitive. We can help you map out your options and approach providers of financing if you wish.  

We have deep experience litigating in the most important forums for EU and UK competition and regulatory cases, from the EU Court of Justice to the Competition Appeal Tribunal, and also including the courts of various EU Member States. Where necessary, we can set up effective partnerships with top-tier local firms, barristers and experienced economic experts.  

Our Team

We are leading competition lawyers who are experienced in these issues on both the private sector side and the competition authority side. We have been involved in some of the landmark competition litigation cases in both public enforcement and private enforcement.


Damien Geradin

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