We are a specialist competition law, competition litigation and digital regulation firm based in Brussels and London. Our team of lawyers is at the cutting edge of these issues having acted on many of the leading European and UK cases and held senior competition agency positions.

  • Spotify Client testimonial Geradin Partners Competition Lawyers London and Belgium

    Any competent lawyer can tell you what the law is on a given matter, but for those of us who operate at the intersection of law, technology and policy, knowing what the law is likely to be in the future is the most critical skill.  Geradin Partners understands the forces shaping the law that will govern competition in the global technology markets, and is uniquely able to both counsel and provide thought leadership as new legal regimes are designed, debated and enacted to address new technological challenges.

    Horacio Gutierrez, Head of Global Affairs and Chief Legal Officer, Spotify
  • Aside from cutting edge legal advice, Geradin Partners is also able to give strategic advice and insights on policy matters. This is extremely valuable when one needs to not only look at the legal side of a matter but also on how to position oneself as a company

    Anne-Claire Hoyng, Director Global Competition and Consumer Law,
  • Geradin Partners boasts the premier competition law practice, and they are our go to firm when it comes to antitrust issues in the tech sector in Europe. I rely on them not only because of their extensive expertise in competition law and policy, but even more so because of their unique ability to apply it to our sector given their deep understanding of our strategic objectives. We also value their strong advocacy of our views to a broad audience, including policymakers, regulators and more

    Jared Sine, Chief Business Affairs Officer and General Counsel, Match Group
  • Geradin Partners offer a rare combination of first class legal expertise and an understanding of the business imperatives. Their advice is always clear and they write with great clarity in compelling terms. 

    Angela Mills Wade, Executive Director, European Publishers Council
  • Geradin Partners offers great combination of creativity and academic background which can be essential in competition proceedings

    Volker Stapper, Vice President for International Competition Policy, Deutsche Telekom
  • Many competition lawyers can help clients formulate practical arguments based on an understanding of the current state of the law, while others have a deep, scholarly understanding of the field and can help clients craft more creative arguments based on the law’s complex and often-debated goals.  But it is rare, extremely rare, to find counsel that can do both, and this is where Geradin Partners distinguishes itself.

    David Pitofsky, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, News Corp