Interviews — 25/01/2024

Interview with Sir Paul Tucker

Geradin Partners had the pleasure of interviewing Sir Paul Tucker, who was at the Bank of England for decades including during the financial crisis and was deputy governor from 2009 to late 2013 and has since been a Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government. His 2018 book “Unelected Power” focused in particular on central banks and competition authorities. Sir Paul writes much more broadly these days, but still has things to say about central banking and financial stability and also about competition policy and the legitimacy of decision making by independent expert bodies. In our interview we discuss issues including the legitimacy of the new Digital Markets Unit (DMU) in the UK, risks around regulatory capture, the role of UK judges in developing competition policy , the privatisation of competition law enforcement, as well as Sir Paul’s view on the Bork v Brandeis debate. It is a thought-provoking read on the political economy of antitrust enforcement.

The full interview is on The Platform Law Blog, the firm’s blog about competition, regulation and privacy in the digital era.


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